One Million Heartbeats - Short Story

What happens when you only have a million heartbeats left? 

One Million Heartbeats 

by Raine Koh

Hana finally woke up. She found herself lying in bed in a hospital room and everything around her was drenched in dazzling white. She didn't remember the world being so white before and she wondered if she was still alive. Her father was sitting next to her and upon seeing her awake, he reached out and held her hand gently. Hana thought he looked older than she remembered but his warm touch convinced her that she was still alive.

Hana,” he said, speaking each letter slowly, “I have good news and bad news.”

1 000, 000

Hana Masaki was nineteen and she has been surrounded with so much care for almost ten years you would think she was some kind of porcelein doll. Just like what her father had said, she learnt from a very young age, there was always good news and bad news in life. She was born in one of Japan's wealthiest families and they owned one of the biggest hotel chains. She was the youngest and only girl in a family of five. However, unlike her elder brothers who were always seen in the public eye, Hana had been shielded away from the sun since she was ten.

She looked at her father and smiled. It was a smile that looked painted on her fair face. She didn't smile because she felt any particular emotion, she just wanted to reassure one of the few people she had ever loved in her life that things are not as bad as they seem. “Tell me the good news first,” she said.

You managed to wake up from the operation. It had been very difficult.”

Since she was ten, the hospital had been her second home. Her chest had been scrutinised countless times and she wondered if that was reason her breasts were so small. Her father had spent millions flying in the best doctors from all over the world. Just so that she could live for one more day.

And the bad news?” she asked.

His hand moved to her wrist. She didn't notice it before, but a white watch was strapped on her bony wrist. She looked at it closely. It wasn't really a watch, the face had a digital monitor and the digits on it decreased with every second.


It's something that is connected to your heart. The numbers you see are your heartbeats.”

But why are the numbers decreasing?” Hana asked. Her father bit his lower lip and she saw his eyes turn teary. She hated the fact that people always had that look whenever they were around her. She hated the fact that people around her always looked heartbroken, although she was the one with the weak heart.

I'm sorry Hana,” he said, trembling. “The doctors tried their best, but they could only make your heart beat a little longer, not make it well. The digits on the watch show you how many heartbeats you have left.”

It took a while for his words to sink it.

She was going to die. Hana stared blankly at her father. He had abandoned all restraint and big, fat, wet tears streamed down his face. Her father, one of the most powerful men in the business world was weeping like a child. “Daddy, don't cry,” she said, even though she knew it waas futile. Hana would have joined him if she could. But tears were not a priviledge she could afford. Nor was any type of emotion for that matter.

Hana, what would you like to do? Your mother and I decided to let you do anything and go anywhere you want to, we will provie any amount of money you need.”

Anywhere? She hasn't been anywhere besides the hospital and her house for the past ten years. Where could she go? Where did she want to go? She looked at her watch.

999, 820

I want to see Kumiko.”

I can call her.”

Daddy, I would like to see her at her school. I know how to find her.”

If I let you go, can you promise me one thing?” asked her father.


You can go anywhere, do anything, but promise me to return to my side before the timer hits 5000.”

I promise.”


Hana had known Kumiko since they were eight. They only became close after they were both assigned cleaning duty where they were supposed to tidy up the classroom after school hours. Hana had totally lost herself in a book somewhere and had totally forgotten about it. When she finally reached the classroom, Kumiko was there with a broom in one hand looking mad at her.

Hana, why are you so late? You know, I'm so scared of ghosts in the classroom!” Kumiro ranted, hitting the broom on the floor.

I'm sorry Kumiko,” she said, although she was sure Kumiko didn't believe her. After that incident, they both of them have been inseperable, that is Hana became very sick.

Hana took a black lacy parasol, wore a black dress and went to find her best friend. The time was 5pm, and she knew that she would find her still in school. In fact, she was certain, she would find Kumiko at the sports tracks.

In terms of appearance, Kumiko was the exact opposite of Hana. Kumiko was tanned and had short boyish hair. She loved running for as long as Hana could remember and has taken part in several marathons and races. Kumiko was a star athlete and was constantly surrounded by people.

As predicted, she found Kumiko at the running tracks, doing some stretching excersises. She saw Hana and gave a big smile and wave, before running to meet her. Many girls found it hard to talk to Hana. She hardly spoke and did not have many facial expressions. She had been told from a young age that if she wanted to live long, she had to have as little expressions as possible. A smile or laugh from her can cause her heart to hurt so much.

The both of them sat down at a bench next to the tracks. The whole field was empty except for the two of them.

I feel like I haven't seen you in ages,” said Kumiko.

I know, me too. How have you been?”

The usual, running and running and more running. I want to run for as long as I can. Until my hair turns gray and my bones decay.”

Hana looked at Kumiko closely. Hana's eyes seemed too big for her face. She continuously looked dazed and sometimes she wondered if anyone was there, beneath those big glassy eyes.

I envy you, for knowing what you want to do,” said Hana

Kumiko did not know how to answer. She suddenly noticed the watch on Hana's wrist. “What's that?” she asked.

997, 710

Hana explained it to her. As she spoke, she noticed Kumiko trying hard to hold to back her tears. It was the same everywhere. People around her always became teary.

Kumiko said, “I mean, right now, your time is so limited...are you sure you should be spending it with me?”

It's not about how long I have to live, but it's about being at the right place at the right time and right now, I want to spend it with you.”

Kumiko started to sob. “I'm sorry, I can't help it,” she said, trying to wipe her tears away, but more came to replace them. “Is there anything you want to do?”

To be honest, I don't know.”

They both sat next to each other till the sun set. Kumiko had to head home for dinner. “Would you like to come?” she asked.

It's okay, I need some time alone to think.”

You are not going home?”

No. I will be at the Shibuya outlet. You can look for me there tomorrow if you are free.”

Hana's family run hotels all around the city, all she had to do was to show up and she will be granted a suite. Accomodation was not a problem for her, nor was anything that require money for that matter. What she needed to do was to find the reason, the reason why she was alive in the first place. Although she loved her father dearly, there were times Hana found his love to be overpowering, and she knew if she ever returned home, she won't be able to leave again.

Kumiko flung her arms around her friend and hugged her tightly. “I hope you find what you are looking for.”

Hana found herself at her favourite cafe at Daikanyama and she loved this cafe for its wooden tables and big comfy couches. She ordered some hot chocolate and then sat down with a pen and notebook. She stared at a blank page and sighed. She had no idea what she wanted to do with her remainding heartbeats. She initially wanted to make a to-do list, but nothing seemed to make sense.

People always cry when people are around me, she thought. I want to make people smile, there is already too much sadness as it is. Sadly, she wasn't particular funny and she doubted she could make anyone laugh.

She gave up on writing her to-do list and instead started to jot down random musings:

I have always been a sickly child and I would encounter throbbing pains in my chest. I noticed these pangs would happen whenever I laugh, get scared or excited. But the pain becomes really bad when I cry. Despite all this, living was still bearable if I ceased to show any emotions. I willed my heart to be as still as it could me.

Things started to go really wrong when I was ten. My pet rabbit died suddenly and overcome with grief, I did something I had willed myself to stop. I cried. I cried so hard. A sharp pain pieced through my chest and I found it hard to breathe. I was sent to the hospital and that was when they found out my heart was in a bad condition.

Living is tiring. Does everyone else feel this way? Ever since I was born, time was already ticking towards that inevitable end. I guess, it is the same for all humans, we all live to die. But many people don't think about it as much. To be honest, I'm not afriad of death. It had become like a comfortable shadow, something that I cannot run away from.

Death could happen anytime to anybody, but I believed there was a reason for everything, even the time of death. So maybe I should not feel too depressed about death nor too pressured about living.

By the time she left the cafe it was already ten o'clock. Part of her wondered if it was alright to spend so much time doing nothing. Although one of her favourite authors once said, Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. She stretched herself and decided it was time to check into a hotel when she felt something furry brush against her leg. Slightly startled, she looked down to see a white fluffly cat standing next to her. It looked up at her and purred.

Hana squatted next to the cat and stroked its head. “Do you belong to anyone?” she asked. The cat meowed in reply. The cat had no collar, but it looked too well-groomed and well-fed to be a stray. It suddenly darted off into the darkness, and for no good reason Hana could fathom, she decided to follow it.

The cat spurted off into a dark alleyway and to her surprise, a sweet smell filled the air. It was the smell of something baking. The cat had stopped in front of a little bakery, which although was closed at this hour, still had its lights switched on. Hana peered inside to see a boy, not looking younger than she was, inside the kitchen.

He had on a pair of glasses, with short dark hair, his fringe went a little over his eyes. Wearing a white uniform, he had placed some dough on the table and was pressing against it in silent rythmn. There was something hypnotic in the care he paid, kneading the dough. His pale face was smeared with flour while his eyes shone, as if the fate of the whole world rested on this piece of dough.

The cat let out a loud meow and his concentration was broken. He turned to look at the window and Hana quicked ducked. She had no idea what she was afraid of, but she decided to run away and hide at a corner. The boy eventually came to the door and opened it to let the cat in. He looked around suspiciously, but Hana was already ran some distance away. She peeped at him from the corner, only to see him going back inside the bakery with the cat following behind. Hana placed her hand on her heart, it was beating wildly. She wondered if it was because of the running or was it because of him, that cause this.

She looked at her watch.

977, 700

I better head to the hotel now, she thought. There was something dangerous about that boy, although she could not pinpoint the reason why.


The minute she entered the hotel suite, the phone started ringing.


Hana, how are you?” It was her father.

I'm fine. Everything is okay.”

If you want or need anything, just ask the concierge. He can help.”

Yes daddy, I know.”

Silence fell at the other end. Hana could hear him taking slow breaths.

Hana, you can always come home.”

I know, just not yet. Try not to worry about me.”

You know that's impossible.”

Good night, daddy.”

After washing up, she lied down on the big comfy bed. All the hotel rooms had a similar white French flair in their decor. The whiteness of the room reminded her of the hospital, although she had to admit, the hotel bed was definetely more comfortable. Hana faced the ceiling and wished she didn't have to sleep. In a few days, she would be sleeping forever. She wondered about the young baker and what kind of thoughts he had while kneading the dough.

He did have such pretty eyes, she thought as she drifted off to sleep.


The next day was a Saturday and Hana met up with Kumiko at the hotel lobby. Her friend put up the brightest smile she could muster upon seeing Hana. “Is there anything in particular you want to do?” asked Kumiko.

Can we spend a normal day? Something girls our age do on a Saturday?”

The thing is, I don't think we do anything. Most of the time we just roam around and talk, maybe shop?”

Let's do that.”

Well, let's eat first! I'm starving!” said Kumiko. Hana suddenly recalled last night.

I'll bring you to this bakery. I want to try something from there.”

The bakery was tucked away in one of the alleys of Daikanyama. Daikanyama is a small part of Tokyo where quirky cafes and fashion boutiques run rampant. Unlike most of the other bakeries in the area, this place did not have a cafe area and there was a small selection of bread which included croissants, baguettes, fruit tarts and apple pies. There was one baker (a neat middle aged man) who was busy in the open kitchen area. Kumiko was busy looking at the fruit tarts while Hana approached him.

Excuse me?”

Yes?” he said, looking at Hana.

Did you bake all the bread here?” she asked.

He smiled gently and replied, “Everything but the croissants. Those are baked by Jun.”


He is my assistant.”

Thank you very much,” said Hana. Kumiko came by her side and said excitedly, “The fruit tarts look so delicious! I can't believe I have never been here before! Let's get some and eat them at a park or something!”

Hana bought a croissant while Kumiko got a fruit tart and they both left the bakery. The town park was walking distance away and they soon sat themselves at a bench there. The park had a playground area where some kids were playing at the slides and swings, looking incredibely happy. Hana took a bite of her croissant. Its crust was buttery and flaky while the inside was sweet, soft and slightly sticky. It was the best croissant she had ever had.

The fruit tart is so yummy! Do you want a bite?” asked Kumiko. Hana shook her head and took another bite of her croissant. A light breeze blew through the park and Hana felt contented.

I am just happy to be alive; to be breathing, to see beauty around me and to be with a good friend,” said Hana.

I guess life is really simple if we make it,” said Kumiko.

I'm afraid though.”

Of what?”

Human bonds and how people are connected to each other. What I do today will influence the life of someone else and in turn what that someone does will influence another. It's like a spiderweb of relationships and I'm afraid of the impact I will leave behind once I'm gone.”

Kumiko thought about Hana's words for a moment. “In a way, relationships are what make life worth living. You never die if you are remembered. And whatever happens, I will remember you for as long as I live.”

Thank you, Kumiko.”

867, 620

Maybe it's because of what Kumiko said, maybe it was because the croissant was so delicious, or maybe it was because she just wanted to see his face again, but that night, Hana returned to the bakery.

However, the bakery was in total darkness. Hana tiptioed and peeked through the window but no one seemed to be around. She didn't know why she felt dissapointed though. Suddenly she heard a familar meow behind her. Hana turned around to see Jun standing behind her with the white cat in his arms. She shrieked, scaring Jun as well, causing him to drop the cat.

I'm sorry!” said Hana. The cat managed to land on its feet but it gave her a glare.

I'm sorry I scared you,” said Jun, bending down to pick up the cat.

I...I...” Hana wondered if she should run away again.

I've seen you before,” said Jun. Hana turned towards him. He was wearing a black tee and jeans. Through his glasses, his eyes werre observing her curiously. His eyes were really pretty, thought Hana. She realised that she couldn't run away from his sight.

I tried the croissant this afternoon. It was the most delicious croissant I have ever eaten,” she said.

You want to come in? I'm making some now.” He unlocked the bakery's door and stepped inside. Hana hesitatated for a moment before going inside. Jun turned on the lights and walked over to the open kitchen.

Anyway, my name is Jun,” said Jun, taking out some ingredients from the cupboard. He placed a packet of flour and some eggs on the table. He looked at her expectantly. “What's yours?”

My name is Hana.” said Hana, walking over to the table. “Why do you bake at night?”

I'm usually at the university in the day. My parents live in Chiba and they rather I be a banker or something. So I study that in the day, while the night is free for my own dreams.”

You want to be a baker?” asked Hana. Jun nodded in reply. The cat seemed to have forgiven Hana for her previous blunder, and was now brushing its body against Hana's leg.

Her name is Carrie,” said Jun, referring to the cat. He had put on a white apron and was rolling on a piece of dough. Hana found his movements facinating. She wondered what it was like to have a dream.

Jun glanced at Hana and said, “There's something strange about you. Something so strange that I wonder if I am dreaming.”

I feel the same way about you too.”

Jun laughed and said, “I could pinch myself but I'm not sure if I want to wake up yet.”

He was now cutting the dough into triangle shapes and rolling it carefully to a croissant shape. “You want to try?” he asked, with a smile.

Okay,” said Hana, rather uncertainly. She washed her hands and moved to his side. She took a piece of triangular shaped dough and placed it on the table. She stared at it, wondering what to do with it. “Here, you do it like this.” Jun placed his hands above hers and guided her fingers to roll the dough into its intended shape. His hands were warm and his face was just next to her. He helped her roll another piece of dough and they were soon finished, with the croissant-shaped dough placed on a tray.

Now, we leave the dough to proof for about two hours,” said Jun, washing his hands.

What do you usually do while waiting?” she asked.

Sometimes I listen to some music, do some studying but I think waiting is a sort of activity in itself.”

The croissants were eventually done. Jun took out the tray from the oven to reveal light golden brown croissants and a sweet buttery smell filled the air.

You want to try one?” asked Jun.

If you don't mind?” Hana couldn't take her eyes off them. Jun passed her one croissant on a plate. It was still warm as she held it. It tasted heavenly, even more delicious than the one she ate in the day.

It's wonderful,” she said, smiling. She could feel her chest ache a little.

Hana, what is the one thing in the whole world you like doing?” asked Jun.

I don't really have one. I do like reading and writing though.”

Let's do that tomorrow!” he said.

Tomorrow?” cried Hana, rather alarmed.

It's a Sunday and I have no lessons. I want to spend a day with you, doing what you like...that is, if you don't mind.”

Hana glanced at her watch.

760, 317

I can meet you at 1pm, at the Daikanyama T-Site bookstore,” she answered.

What have I done? Hana thought, when she entered the suite. She looked down at her hands and recalled how warm his fingers were when he touched hers. What have I done? She asked herself again. Maybe she should just cancel or just not show up. No matter how she thought about it, she doubted this could end well.

She made her way towards the bathroom and washed her face. Why was she starting something she had no confidence in? Hana faced herself in the mirror and took a deep breath. All this worry was making her chest ache and that probably meant her heart was beating faster. “Hana, you are overreacting,” she said firmly to her reflection. “It's just a meeting with a new friend, it doesn't have to mean anything.”

But she knew inside, it already did.


Hana arrived at the bookstore, half an hour later than promised. To be honest, she almost didn't make it out of the door. The bookstore was made up of three interconnected buildings, containing a mammoth collection of books. Although the both of them did not arrange a certain spot to meet, she knew exactly where to find him. She made her way to the baking section of the bookstore and sure enough, Jun was standing there, his nose buried in a cookbook. She wondered why looking at him made her grow warm. She approached him shyly and stood next to him.

Hi Hana,” he say, noticing her. He returned the book back to the shelf.

Hi Jun, I'm sorry I'm late.”

It's alright, I'm glad you are here.”

Together, they both explored the bookstore. She showed him all her favourite authors while he shared with her his. Disregarding the pain she felt in her heart, she just felt happy to be around him. She had almost forgotten the sound of her own laughter. They ended up spending hours in the bookstore, just talking, laughing.

It was evening by the time they left the bookstore. Hana wished the day would never end. There was a small park outside the building, and a few passer-bys were walking their dogs. The both of them took a seat outside, looking at the puppies.

Can I ask you something strange?” said Hana.

What is it?”

Can I listen to your heartbeat?” she asked.

Jun looked taken aback by her request. But he reached out to hold her hand. He placed her palm onto his chest, she could feel his heart beating. It felt the same as her own heart, it was beating furiously.

I wonder what this means?” she thought aloud.

What do you mean?” he asked.

Your heart is beating as fast as mine.”

It means we like each other,” he said. Hana noticed his face had gone red.

It does?” she asked.

Well, I am not exactly knowledgeable about such matters, but I think so.”

So what happens next?”

Usually when two people like each other, they get to know each other better and see if that 'like' becomes 'love'. If they do love each other, they get married and live happily ever after.”

Hana looked at him suspiciously, “Is that really how it ends?”

Jun smiled in reply, “Like I said, I'm not knowledgeable in such things. I only know about baking.”

I don't have time to find out if this ends up happily ever after, she thought, looking at the ground. I doubt it will end that way.

Hana could feel her own eyes become teary. Jun suddenly cupped her face in his hands and looked at her closely. His hands felt so warm. He came closer to Hana and kissed her. His lips tasted as sweet as the bread he made. Hana could feel her heart rate surge, she pushed Jun away and got up.


She walked away as fast as she could, without turning back. She quickly flagged a taxi and got in. “M-Suites, Shibuya please,” she told the taxi driver.

She glanced at her watch. As she thought, the kiss had taken away a substantial amount of heartbeats, and her heart was still beating rapidly.

Hana closed her eyes and tried to calm herself down. Instead she recalled how soft and sweet his lips were. She touched her own lips and thought to herself, despite his warm hands and kind smile, that boy was dangerous.

Hana decided to stop seeing him. She met Kumiko at her favourite cafe after her friend was done with school. Hana knew time was ticking for her, and Kumiko was trying to smile as much as she can, but Hana could still feel the sadness behind it all.

Maybe that was what made Jun so special. He didn't see her as a dying person. His eyes always shone with hope, even when he looked at her. She suddenly missed him.

So who is this mystery guy?” asked Kumiko. Hana had mentioned briefly about him when her best friend wanted to meet up on Sunday and now she wanted all the details.

He is just a new friend I've met. He is an assistant baker at the bakery we went the last time.”

No wonder you wanted to go there. You had intentions!” said Kumiko, nudging Hana cheekily.

I didn't tell him of my condition. Is it selfish of me?” asked Hana, sighing.

For not telling him of your condition?”

No, for getting too close to him,” said Hana. “I have been controlling my emotions for ten years and I threw it all away.”

Kumiko reached out and held her hand, “There are some things which can't be controlled.”

Like death,” said Hana.

Like love,” Kumiko added.

There's a place I want to go to, could you come with me?” she asked. Hana led her friend to a small chapel some distance away. They sat in one of the pews in silence. They sat in one of the pews in silence. The stillness of the chapel always helped to calm her down, and quieten her spirit. Hana noticed a painting of a heart hanging at one of the pillars. Below the heart had this verse, He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart.

Hana stared at the verse for a while. Kumiko followed her gaze and looked at the painting too.

What do you think it means?” Hana asked. Especially since her heart was a ticking time bomb, how was it supposed to have eternity?

I'm not sure. But maybe it's about how the love we feel in our hearts never dies?” said Kumiko.

I think you are right.”

404, 200

After sending Hana off at the hotel, Kumiko made her way to the bakery. She knew her friend would not approve of her actions but she did not want Hana to regret later. As usual, the middle-aged baker was seen in the kitchen. She approached him and said, “Hi there, could you help me with a favour? It is rather important.”

What is it?”

It's about your assistant. I believe he is looking for my friend Hana, but he has no way of contacting her. If he really wants to see her, please give me a call on my mobile phone and I will tell him where he is.” She passed him a slip of paper with her number scibbled on it.

The baker nodded and took the piece of paper. “I will remember to tell him when I see him.”

120, 323

Jun stared at the two pieces of paper before him. He had been suffering from the flu and had not come by the bakery for the past two days. When he finally returned that evening, his boss passed him a number to call if he wanted to find Hana. He had called Kumiko who gave him two seperate addresses. One was where Hana lived and the other was a hotel she was currently staying at. He wanted to see her but what if she didn't want to see him? There was something strange about her, something so translucent that he often wondered if she was real. There was only one way of finding out, he decided. He made his way to the hotel.

On the way to the hotel, it suddenly started to rain. He seeked shelter at a certain cafe when someone he knew entered through the cafe doors.

Hana!” he cried. The girl widened her eyes upon seeing him and bolted out of the door, despite having no umbrella. Jun chased after her in the pouring rain.

Hana!” he cried again. He soon caught up with her and grabbed her hand. They were both soaked in the rain. It was already night by now and due to the dim lighting, together with the raindrops which were marring his vision, he had no idea that Hana was crying.

I have to leave somewhere far away,” said Hana.

Far away? Like Europe?” asked Jun, still clutching on her hand.

I'm sorry we won't be able to have a happily ever after.”

But what do you want?” he asked desperately. “Are you okay with things ending like this? Every relationship is a gamble!”

Hana cried, “This one isn't, I know it's going to end in tears.”

I am not afraid of crying.” Jun moved towards her and held her quivering body in her arms. Hana hugged him tightly. Despite being in the rain, she felt warm here. She thought, I will never regret spending my heatbeats on you.

They returned to the hotel suite to change into dry clothes. After which they were both so exhausted, Jun and Hana just tumbled on the bed, holding each other.

In the middle of the night, Hana woke up to find him still holding her tightly. She reached out and placed her palm on his chest. His heart was beating in a steady rhythm. She wished it would beat for a very very long time.

She got out of bed and went to the study table. She took the notepad provided by the hotel and started to write a letter.

Dearest Jun,

I am sorry, I have done something horrible to you. By the time you read this letter, I would have returned to my father's side and there is a small possibility I will no longer be alive. You see, I am very sick and I didn't have much time left when I met you. But I was so in love with you, I did not want to see you cry.

I am sorry for not telling you, but I am not sorry for meeting you. I love you very much and I wish with all my heart you have your happily ever after, although it won't be with me.


Hana placed the letter next to the sleeping figure. It was time for her to go. Even while he was asleep, Hana thought he looked so beautiful. “Goodbye,” she whispered.

18, 563

Hana arrived home to see her father's tear-stricken face. He ran towards her and hugged her tightly. She realised how lucky she was to be loved so much, even though she couldn't give anything in return.

Daddy, thank you for loving me so much,” she said.

I will love you forever,” he replied.

Jun was awaken by the sun's morning light. The first thing he saw was the letter, on the side of the bed. He put on his glasses and read it.

Oh no,” he cried. Jun quickly changed into his clothes and ran out as fast as he could.

Hana's heart was starting to hurt. She had taken out her watch and was lying in bed with her father sitting by her bedside, holding her hand. She told him about the boy with the warm hands and how she had been so happy to have met someone with that much hope. Her father listened and tried to smile in the midst of his tears, but he could see her life drifting away.

Daddy, whatever it is, I am happy I had been alive. I hope you can smile again and be truly happy once I'm gone...”

He clutched her hand tightly and wept. She looked at him and smiled. It was the warmest smile he had ever seen on his daughter.

The bedroom door suddenly swung open and Jun entered the room, panting.



The End

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