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Twenty-two year old Mimi was contented with belting out angst-ridden, rock tunes every week at a pub on the island city of Singapore. That is until, she has a whirlwind one-month affair with a mysterious Japanese breakdancer named Yuki. He suddenly disappears and Mimi goes to Tokyo in search of him. She discovers, with the aid of a huge promotional poster hanging above the streets of Shibuya, that Yuki actually belongs to a sugary-pop, manufactured boy band called the Fire Boys.

While Mimi was gaping at the poster in the middle of the road, she gets hit by a black convertible, driven by rock producer, Sato. 

Mimi and Yuki both belong to different worlds – serious, broody rock versus dancing, brightly costumed pop – each plagued with its own skeletons in the closet. Is their love strong enough to triumph over all?

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