Friday, June 21, 2013

Tony Moly Mr. Charlie Smile Line Patch ~ Korean Beauty Review

So this arrived in the mail today! It's Tony Moly's Mr. Charlie Smile Line Patch~! Used to target those smile line wrinkles! Because I tend to laugh alot and loudly, especially when I find something funny...the downside of it is I am finding some smile lines at the side of my mouth!

Beauty Review

Anyway, I saw this product and, typical of Tony Moly's products, the packaging is so cute! It's a moustache! It is something like an intensive facial mask that targets the smile line area. Once I took it out of the packaging, the mask is like moist, solid-gel pieces. I thought it would stick, but it's actually quite slippery. It's better to lie down while you are putting these on. Wash your face first, and then place the moustache on your smile lines. It contains various beans extracts that help to reduce fine lines. Place it on for 20-30 mins and then take them off.

After one try, I did notice the skin at my smile lines area become more plump and moisturised. Not too sure if this effect is for the long run, will need to use this product more times. This is more of a cute product, not so much something you must have. It's fun to use, and I will prefer if it wasn't so slippery so I can camwhore more easily. (Here's a small pic as no-make-up face should not be for public viewing. )


  1. hi i really like this product becaause its so cute! but you used this product just once? :O i mean if i want used all night i need buy 1 smile per night? :c

  2. Hihi~ It is cute. But yeah it's only for one time use. So one smile mask for one time (wear for about 20 mins)

  3. Can you use it excessively!? I have horrible laugh libes that make me look like a 50 year old and I'm only 18!!!

    1. I think you can use it daily. However, I'm not sure how effective it will be if your smile lines are really deep. Just embrace them?