Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Jaehyo post

This is a random Jaehyo post.
All pics are obviously not taken by me.

Block B is a group to look out for.
Anyway this is my schedule for the next few months~~ May 14 (Show Lo! My Fave Taiwanese Artiste!)

June 4 (Super Junior! My Fave Korean Group!! Make that my fave boy group in the universe!)

July 15 (Korean Music Wave....erm....yay? Don't have my fave groups, but it'll be lots of fun! Hopefully!)
Can't promise pictures for these events tho, except for the Show Lo one.
Exciting times indeed!
Oh and I have finished churning out my Lollipop F article...and am very proud of it. Will show it once it's out!

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