Tuesday, February 2, 2010

F.T. Island Fan Meet in Island City

First time hearing the boys live, and gotta say, I like what I am hearing! It's the third time FTI are here and they announced a full-concert in mid march! This fan meet gave me a new bias...maknae Seunghyun! Number one bias is still Jonghun though.

The power of five. I like that all of them are looking at me (except maknae)

New bias knows how to look cool for the camera

Hongki was jumping around during this song. Adorable but it is slightly blurred

During one of the games played with the fans

My fave fave fave picture. 1. Jonghun looks awesome 2. Notice the smiling drummer behind~

In other news, my stomach feels weird today -_-;;;


  1. Hah! Mid-March you going for Suju though.

  2. sad sia...Hope that bear comes for suju malaysia.

  3. woah seunghyun!love him too~