Friday, September 10, 2010

ZE:A in Singapore~~!

I wasn't excatly familar with ZE:A....besides some insider info. But meeting them at the press con, I reliase that these guys are lots of fun. Well, maybe because of the really crazy one, who was seated in front of me. Seriously, Kwang Hee's sudden outburst of English, and his goofy smile, was hilarious.

He is also extremely friendly and smiley. Well, highlights of the press con, include Kwang Hee imitating the Merlion for a second, Kwang Hee doing his performance of how different girls of different age groups drink water....Heechul confessing his love for Jessica for the 10000000th time, and also his love for cats. Hyungsik showing off a "luxurious" pose...and Kevin showing everyone his flawless English.

But the real highlight was, after the whole thing, the group initiated a handshake session with all the reporters present. I shook, everyone's hand, and they were all so sweet. This is the first time, such a thing happened at a press con!! Reminds me of two years ago, when U-Kiss came EARLY for the press con and took pics with the reporters present. Oh wow....

Anyway, it was alot of fun and well, really wish all the best for ZE:A. As long as they keep this humble attitude, they can make it somehow.


  1. Hello, I'm a fan of ZE:A from Taiwan.
    It's so glad to see people who was not familiar with the boys said that they're funny.
    Kwanghee you took is super cute!!!

    The last sentense of your post, I cannot agree more.
    Hope them go forward and realize their dream.
    Thanks for sharing pictures :-)

  2. Yeah, I was really impressed by their attitude. They are great guys!!