Sunday, October 24, 2010

Korean Pop Night POST ~ ! Okay, mostly Big Bang post

It was epic. The best Kpop Event OF THE YEAR!! Although was sad that Jjong was unable to make it due to his ankle....But yes, the other artistes put up a GREAT SHOW! Big Bang was the closing act and they brought the house down! During the press con, GD looked a little frowny, because he needed to go to the toilet. But yeah, will only be posting up pics from the concert. Honestly, I believe it's due to PMS, but I didn't get many good pics of the other artistes....besides Big Bang

So here are some at the moment...will update slowly by today ~!!!

Big Bang~ Taeyang is very smiley and chilled. So it's easy to take pics of him. GD is forever running and jumping around. T.O.P thinks the T-stage is a catwalk. He is my new fave member.

Okay one pic of the precious F.T. Island ~ more will come...maybe

Updated...Sorry it's still only BB and FTI~~~~!!

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