Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Last batch of pics for SS3 Singapore

Sad that it's over. Have no idea when I will see the boys again...have no money to go to Seoul soon, unless a miracle happens.

Third batch is the most imperfect batch....I think I was already kinda tired....but there are some gems in there. For those interested, I used a Sony DSLR, which the camera body is actually cheaper, by DSLR standards, but it's the zoom lens that made the difference. Zoom lens is not mine though, can't really afford to buy it yet!! Sony, let me be your spokesperson!!!!

Anyways, I have a hunch that Suju will be coming back to Singapore soon, however, if they do, please everyone, give them lots of love, don't throw things at their faces, and be careful on the roads.

Totally not in the mood for Chinese New Year, but here's wishing everyone, lots of cash, peace, health and happiness in the year of the RABBIT!!!!!


  1. thanks for all photos
    i'm really like your photos
    it's great and nice photos
    i wanna join with ss3 again
    it's best memmory

  2. These are really great pictures~!
    I have shared some of the pictures on some forums
    with proper credits of course^^
    Thanks for sharing these :D

  3. thanks a lot for sharing :D
    really nice of you :)

  4. hi. how did u manage to bring d camera in? email me at kimaeyoung@live.com thanks!!!