Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A post dedicated to Asia's Anchovy

Eunhyuk has just finished his last Sukira recording...and...as expected...he started crying badly at the end. ;;; Sukira means alot to him, and I think those tears were mixed with the uncertainty of being a SJ-M member (even if it's supposedly temporary, three months is still going to be a challenge). Eunhyuk is one of my fave Suju members and I will support him wherever he is...I think he does need alot of encouragement for being in SJ-M...he didn't even have time to learn the language and he and Sungmin have to adapt fast. However, I know that Donghae and Siwon, and the rest of the members will help him out. And Eunhyuk is a strong man...he can do it, and learn something from this...

SJ-M promotions are going to take three months...then they will start on the 5th Jib....and then SS4...they need all the support we can give...

Was looking through my hard disk for some Eunhyuk pics from SS3 Singapore, which havn't been posted....

Leader's legs are at the back.....lol
Donghae will help you whenever you feel a little lost !!!!

A random KyuTeuk image...a pairing that I'm liking lately.

edit....added some Sukira pics...taken during Dec 2010, and one from Summer 2009. Not the best of quality...but it's suitable for this post.

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