Thursday, March 31, 2011

Update of sorts~~~

So, remember how crazy it was last June with all the Kpop acts coming to our lovely island...well, we can expect something similar this year, except it's gonna be even crazier.

So far there's Kpop Heal the World (Does not comprehend the title...but anyways)...with T-Ara, T-Max and surprise guest (if my sources are correct, it'll be a girl group)....then there's some other Kpop acts coming in for June too...heard that it's gonna be from one of the big three agencies. So yep, exciting times ahead. News should be released before April is over. Oh yeah, and there is Rain in May (I think it's in May...not too sure)...ehhhh....hmmm

Sometimes people ask me why so and so got cancelled...there's lots of reasons, sometimes conflict of schedule, sometimes and usually it's due to lack of funds....sometimes, someone broke a leg....can be anything really....

This weekend, there's the E-Awards. Will be somewhere I think, so will take some pics of Se7en for you everyone~ And if the C-pop boybands are cute, will post them here too. Need to build up stamina for exciting June!

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