Monday, April 25, 2011

weekend is over~

I apologise if my posts have been rather self-indulgent lately...but I really have no photos to share...besides those of myself? ><;;; Hope everyone had a good long weekend. I believe May is a rather quiet month for K-pop, besides Rain...Mr. Magic Stick...dropping by Singapore for a concert. Won't be going though, unless a ticket appears in the mail miraculously. Priority ticketing on sale on the 29th of April. Public Sale on 3 May.

Korean Music Wave 2011, tickets are on sale on Election Day! I still do not know who to vote for! But I do know who is the last rookie boy band coming. A clue? 2!
Anyway, the organisers should be releasing information on them very soon.

On Friday, I met DJ Masa for the K-raze party! He really loves K-pop (duh!) and has alot of ageyo charm. I mean, local guys don't really do ageyo much, right? Even the Korean guys I know, are not very ageyo either. Here's a picture of me looking goofy, while he looks pretty.

Oh and I am trying to figure out photoscape....


  1. A brazilian friend sent me here... I remember you! *saves the pic*. Haha enjoyed the post~~

  2. Hi Masa!!! Thanks!! I can send you a higher res one if you want. Lemme scan the article and email to you?

  3. Sure! Hit me on ^^ thanks!!