Sunday, May 15, 2011

Show Luo in Singapore ENCORE CONCERT

So tired but so awesome....My fave Taiwanese man!!! Today I went to Show Luo's Encore Singapore Concert. Actually it was my first Show concert. I love Only You....but it was the first song he sang! His hair looks abit more blonde now. He is so sexy when he dances, but I really like it when he talks and talks to the audience, cracking funny jokes, laughing his wheezy laughter, and praising himself. Sometimes he talks in a Da Lang tone...which is very cute. And the funniest part was when he became DANCING KING for a short while, teaching the audience how to dance the Twinkle dance.

I am very tired and hungry, and I need to wake up early tomorrow. So just three pics.New pics in new post

I think he is really sexy when he drums.....

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