Friday, December 30, 2011

Bye Bye 2011

So today is a rare day at home! Because I took leave from work...but I'm still doing other projects, so can't really sleep. Sadly, I did not go to Block B yesterday due to fatigue...ah...growing old is sadzz...

So as one of the last days of this dreaded year...and it has been a dreaded year for yours truly...The best moments involve my beloved best boy band in the universe. Also, publishing of my book. EVERYONE BUY! Need to think about promotional events, but working like a dog in full-time job makes my creative brain tired. HOW?

Anyway, if you bothered to read this rather random entry...Wish the Year of the Dragon Be A Great One for ALL OF US~~~!!!!!

Raine wishes everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR~~~!!

Pic taken by Zaphs~!

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