Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tips on how to smuggle in your camera

Since some people have asked me this question....
How to smuggle in your camera...?!
Personally I think being in the mosh pit/standing area ensures the best pictures.

Step one...
Bring a VERY BIG BAG! And put alot of stuff inside. If you are a girl, put some sanitary pads. LOLOLOL. During bag check, the usher will just peep in...Give them a poker face.

Step two
Once inside...access the situation. Some concerts super boh chup...Once you are in the mosh pit, sometimes the security is more busy with other matters...instead of stopping you from taking. Look around you, are there many people whipping out their digicams? If yes, then you can just happily snap away.

However, recently, some concert management have been very anal when it comes to will have to be very careful then. For stages where the artiste will be walking all around (not just the main stage), you can still try to snap some pics. I will advise a very long zoom lens, and use a that the flashing screen from the camera doesn't flash.

Step three
Just use some common towards where everyone else is crowding towards, so that you will be hidden by the crowd. Keep a look out for security...

Study the previous concerts held in other countries, so that you know who will appear where...and what props will happen during what song.

Good luck!!

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