Friday, June 7, 2013

Korean Beauty Product: Innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation Glow Review

Now you all know how I'm such a BIG fan of Korean make-up brand Innisfree...So I have been seeing this product in the Korean fashion magazine and wanted to buy it the next time I go Seoul.

It's called the Mineral Melting Foundation and comes in a powder pack. According to the box..."This solid glowing foundation helps to create a dazzling skin on contact as it adds dewiness and sleekness on skin."

My thoughts
I actually like the texture of it...It's a solid foundation but once you use the puff to apply it on your skin, it has a sorta powdery feel. It provides good coverage and I usually skip the BB Cream if I am using this. This product does whiten your face, I don't really see the dewiness effect though. It doesn't cause your skin to feel dry and comes with SPF32. Provides light to middle coverage. Overall, I like this product and will use it often.

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