Sunday, July 7, 2013

Super Show 5 SINGAPORE!!!

I have so many feels right now. Almost didn't make it to the concert, but so glad I did. Eunhyuk really impressed me on so many levels. He really took ownership and tried to bring the energy to a new level. He was also the only one who stripped! Siwon, I am judging you....!!!.....Donghae hurt his finger, so he was a little less hyper. And no, it wasn't because of Japanese promotions...he hurt his finger while playing It was nice seeing Kangin, and it is his first Sushow in Singapore~!! The boys did keep harping about why there was only one Sushow in Singapore....errrm...I dunno? Business Decision?? But they seemed quite sad about it...and they thought we don't love them any more....WHY LIKE THAT????

Anyway I am really happy to be seated near Eunhyuk, and had lotsa fanservice and his dancing is so sexy and awesome, and he is such an awesome monkey, I wanna hug him!

And at the end of the show, after lights go on...Eunhyuk suddenly came on stage to talk about the Henry and Zhoumi issue...oh started due to the SS5 Hong Kong press con, and some fans were upset that Henry and Zhoumi were in the press con when they are not part of SJ....Eunhyuk came to tell everyone that they are part of SJ-M but SJ treats them like SJ and asks fans not to have any misunderstandings of this issue....Many people took a fancam of his speech, as per his request ;;;;;...But it really must disturb him greatly, for them to talk about it. And they are quite smart to address it in Singapore, where the fans are quite mild and not that pro Only-13....anyway, here're some pics.

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