Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Running Man Ratings ~ Should fans worry?

So I have been following Running Man since it's very first episode...the Yoo Jae Suk fan in me even watched it without subs at that time. In the beginning, it was like a pursuit version of X-man ( a classic K-variety show which taught me the names of every Korean celeb that mattered)...Anyway, I have seen how Running Man went from having a rather confusing concept, and having Kim Jong Kook winning all the time, to how each member eventually had their own character concept (a lot was helped out by Yoo Jae Suk, I must add), and how it got to the current Hallyu status variety show.

But yeah, Koreans are a tough crowd and they lose interest easily, especially when great new variety shows are being thought of all the time....eventually, it seems the ratings for RM are dropping. Actually I wouldn't really blame the other shows which are taking the ratings, but RM's PDs need to get their act together. Actually I suspect RM has big sponsors/backers behind them...how else would you explain the expensive props/equipment RM gets, and all the gold sponsors ...I mean RM really has some fancy budget going on most of the time...maybe this is why the PDs are not bringing their act together....I still remember that phase when the guests ALWAYS win, due to some dodgy rules set up by the PDs...anyway you can see I'm not a big fan of RM's PDs...

To be honest, as seen in Ep 159, which was a great ep, after a series of bad, not so funny ones...All we need to make a good episode is funny, quirky guests...(get rid of those pretty, useless girl group members/actresses...if they are not funny or tough.)...add some wacky missions (that cardboard boat mission was awesome!) and some heartwarming unpredictable moments (the ending of 159 was so sweet...but we can't keep milking the Monday Couple). Seems harder than it sounds. The upcoming Shinhwa ep 161 does seem promising though...I guess the PDs really need to keep thinking of interesting scenarios and it's really not about high profile guests....come on guys!

Well, RM don't really have to worry much at the moment, because due to its Hallyu-status and being sold to cable channels abroad, it means the ching ching is still rolling in....however I hope this doesn't mean the PDs become complacent and just start inviting Hallyu idols...I don't mind if they are funny...but come on...most of them are Yawwwwwn.

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