Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend ~ Bii and Yao Yao

It was a really busy weekend. Met up with J-rock band RADWIMPS for a press conference. Awesome band! Check them out if you like Bump of Chicken kinda style...Managed to get a selfie with the lead singer. He is really cool and substantial, if you know what I mean.

Saturday I was signed up to cover Spring Wave thingee. It's a Taiwan festival where top acts like Jam Hsiao, A-Mei, Bii, Ding Dang and Yao Yao were performing. I met Yao Yao years back but I think she has become much prettier and sexier now! It's the first time I heard Bii singing and his voice is really good. Jam Hsiao of course brought the house down with his manic energy and power vocals. He is really awesome. And I need to give two thumbs up to the SOUND SYSTEM!!! Usually outdoor events have really bad sound system, but this time, at Gardens By The Bay, it was really good.

A-mei was a little too diva, so I'm like meh....Ding Dang was great too!

Here are just two pics that I've edited...

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