Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Random diary stuff

Well a long time ago, I had/have a livejournal where I will update regularly with random stuff...and then Twitter/FB/Instagram came alone and I kinda do verbal diarrhoea elsewhere....but I do miss like blogging about random things.
So yeah, it's already July and my birthday is coming soon....anyway I have been spending most of my time in an office doing admin work!!! Which is like...whaaat? But it helps to pay the mortgage and there's something interesting about doing something which you have absolutely NO TALENT in. Like, it's really sheer hard work and focus to even get through a day of admin stuff. That is how bad I am at things that require DETAILS. The good news, I am sorta getting the hang of it. The bad news...I have very little time doing important things like writing my Epic Novel, marketing my writing an basic creative stuff.

Today though, I finally got my sales report for physical copies of Pop Rock Love from my distributor...which is like woo-hoo...but I really should be thinking of more marketing stuff, you know? I don't really have any ideas though...

And I will be teaching for the first time at the Media Academy in August! I really need to come up with a solid lesson plan...and who wants to hear me talk for 8 hours? What are we gonna do for 8 hours anyway...Check it out HERE

So yeah, this is basically my life so far....I have written 30,000 ish words of the Epic Novel...still far from epic-ness. I want to go to New York at the end of the year. That's about it.

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