Sunday, April 3, 2011

E Awards 2011

E Awards~ lots of Cpop acts and one Kpop act (Se7en). First time seeing him in Singapore, personally. Was located at the media side, so wasn't able to see the actual acts. But anyways, had fun ~ Poor Se7en seemed too hot  in his suit tho....Xiao Yu kenna choked by a fly?? He started coughing halfway during the interviews and had to excuse himself for a while....poor boy. I became a Lollipop F two days ago.... Anthony is as cute as a puppy. Ella transformed into a beautiful lady. Jing Lun and Derrick love each other...So yep, first time I attended the E Awards....and hope all the artistes enjoyed themselves too.

Pics are slowly being uploaded...will try to finish by tonight...Let's start with a cute one. Ao Quan trying to make friends with Se7en (Leader can speak English). Ella kaypoh. William looked unglam, so safety spot!

pics are not in sequence.....

Edit~ let's continue~~~~~~~

Shall put Lollipop F pics in another post tomorrow~ because they became my new fave Cpop boyband these past 2 days. lol

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