Monday, April 4, 2011

Lollipop F at E-Awards 2011

If you know me, you'll know that I'm not too familiar with Cpop artistes...besides some general knowledge and stuff I have to dig out, because of work. I didn't really know Lollipop F, besides the fact that they were really popular, they were made popular after that Channel V program, and they used to be 6 members...So yeah, they were in town for the E Awards and we were given the chance to interview them the day b4 the E awards....and they were so sweet and playful. Another reporter who was not too confident in her Mandarin told me that Ao Quan (leader) told her to speak in English and he will translate for her. Isn't that sweet? And I did not know his English was that good (Please refer to previous post, where Ao Quan tries to befriend Se7en).

Xiao Yu : Very silly and cute. Chatty but can be serious when he wants to.
Ao Quan: Chatty, very leader like. Likes to joke
Ah Wei: Chatty and charming. I like the scar he has near his eye
William: A little quiet when I met him....behaves like the maknae (I dunno if he is). But also charming.

But yeah, the impression I got after meeting them is, that they are really sweet and fun and they work really hard. After the two previous members left, the group had to work hard to re-establish itself again. So please support Lollipop F, and I hope they come to Singapore more often.

It's not difficult to guess who became my bias....


  1. Its not difficult to guess but I really can't guess. :p is it Xiao Yu?

  2. actually I can't decide between Xiao Yu and Ao Quan...

  3. thanks for sharing!(: both xiaoyu & aoquan are nice ppl!

  4. Yep. They are all nice and friendly