Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cuteness Overload!!! AKB48

So AKB48 are here AGAIN!! But this time, we have a new trio meeting the press...Maria-chan, Haruka-chan and Miyu-chan...and they are younger and cuter than the previous trio (although I really really like the previous trio...they were less shy, and more chatty...)...So they are here to launch the newly opened AKB48 Cafe at SCAPE!!! an AKB48 themed cafe....with Japanese-styled Western Omu Rice, Curry Omu Rice....I tried the Curry Omu rice.....I really liked the Japanese styled Curry!!! (starts to sing Norazo's Curry Song~) LOL thing they included was letting the girls walk down Orchard Road....I joined in, just because it sounded fun....but it was kinda LOL....The trio was walking down busy Orchard Road handing out flyers and talking to people on the streets. Actually it's really sweet, and something we really don't see idols doing. Well, as expected there was a crowd of paparazzi-fanboys surrounding it was kinda chaotic, but still alright, the girls were able to walk down quite easily, while handing out flyers to little kids, random tourists, and teenagers...It was really cute.

Here are some pics!! I like how natural everything looks~~~!


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