Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Thursday~~!

Hihi how's everyone doing~~~

Have been busy with real life...aka other magazine projects and personal book project, so have not been photographing stars as often...Will be dropping by the AKB48 Cafe this weekend~~! Looks like we are seeing the girls on a regular basis, aren't we!?? Hi hi cute friends!!!

Anyway I want to join the Heechul X Jungmo (M&D) UCC competition!!! More details here! . Sounds like fun right? Let me gather my extras! Speaking of extras, I'm acting for some local TV drama on Monday....haha, and I won't be paid in burgers (although I do appreciate the burgers lovely Eric)!!

July does seem more star-studded than June. There's BEAST, RANIA, BIG BANG, 2NE1, FTI, TEEN TOP, MISS A, X5, DGNA....and I think some others which I forgot......but I'll be soo busy with book promos so we will see. I still want to go to Seoul for the BEST BOY BAND IN THE UNIVERSE 5 JIB Promotions and SS4!!!!! But the struggling artiste is poor!

This random entry is turning out to be longer than expected. Enjoy what's left of your school holidays!!

Here's a random pic of myself taken by Esther, and photo edited by me...i think the effect makes me look slightly scary.....lolololol

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