Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Sunday~~

So today I ended up at the filming site of Eric's new drama "Spy Myung Wol" as part of the extras. Before Suju overtook my brain two years ago, I really wanted to marry Eric. So in case you didn't know, Eric and the other cast members (Han Ye Seul~~) are in Singapore shooting this weekend. Today's shoot took part in a club (Titanium, next to Esplanade), and the extras are part of "fans" and Eric is performing on stage, while the other actors were among us.

Some points: Eric looked good, although I do not approve of his orange-y hair. He did look a little thinner. Han Ye Seul is so pretty, with such a small face. Anyway I was happy to see my ex-husband and see him doing well. I think this movie will suit him (remembers that Parachute Agent drama he did). I didn't bring my camera so have no good shots. But wait a while and I see what I can dig up from my friend who was there too. I took pics with the crew members, because being in the *ahem* industry, I always think it's the crew who works the hardest and gets the least thanks on set.

Please give Spy Myung Wol lotsa love~~!!!!

two looking ridiculously happy with big jimmy jib camera and Korean crew, and one of THE MAN

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