Wednesday, November 23, 2011

SS4...the best of the best

So...yes, I did manage to get inside SS4 in Seoul~! With standing tics for both shows!!! Had to just Q for hours and hours and hours in the freakin cold....MINUS ZERO DEGREES!!!! Omona...I am amazed I am still alive! But yes! SS4 is the BEST Sushow ever!! And this is coming from someone who went to SS2, SS3 and SS4...I will be doing an article about watch out for it! Seoul trip was really fruitful but tiring. Had to do projects for my other stuffs, besides fandom thingees....oh oh, and I went to the the taping of Immortal Song at KBS studios!! SHIN DONG YUP!! Love my veteren hosts!!

Anyway, here are two pics from SS4....guards were super scary and violent to fans caught taking it was really no joke!

I love Super Junior! And oh...the reason why I'm willing to suffer so much for this trip is because of Park Jung Soo...and I was right..he probably won't be there at the Singapore I was glad to see him here still...*sobs*

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