Wednesday, November 2, 2011


November seems like a crazy month...there's my Book Launch Party this Sunday~~! Woohoo~~!!
Then I'm flying to Seoul....although I haven't got my concert ticket...boohoo...
Oh wait before that there's FLOW~~! YEAAAH! And did you guys hear about the Running Man filming in Singapore rumour?? Apparently, it's still a rumour, but I am so sad, because I really wanna see YOO JAE SUK!!!

After I'm back, there's is Sundown~~! I wanna see my SHOW LO! Then...after that there is MAMA...and nope, we still do not know who is coming. Although I may be touring the Mnet studios in Seoul, if my friend is free to let me roam.

Have been too busy with work and real life...but hopefully, I can update this blog with some nice pics soon~ Anyways, you are all invited to my book launch party this SUNDAY~~~! Come Come!!!

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