Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tasty Fansign

Tasty is the twins-duo from Woolim and they are pretty awesome in every sense of the word. They can speak Chinese and English too~~~

I went down to their first  fansign (it's my first ever fansign too!!!) at YP Books. Prior to the fansign, we had to purchase the album from the CD store, and we were each given a number, which entitles you to the fansign. Anyways...I kinda cheated a little and gave them two CDs to sign...Daeryong is cute with his snaggle tooth. I tell him I'm from Singapore...and he goes, Singapore. And then I give him two CDS and he goes, "Ni mai liang zhang?" "Xie Xie"...haha...suddenly switched to Chinese. Then I go to Soryong who says something something in Korean....and I went "huh?"....He goes in English, "I like your name."
Cute, very cute. Look out for this Tasty Duo~~~

And sorry but this is what happens when I do not have a zoom lens!!

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