Monday, September 3, 2012

Korean Skincare Regime

So I'm back from Seoul and I think the bulk of my cash went to Korean beauty products!!!! Now, not too long ago, I was very confused by the various skin care products Korea provided...What is Emulsion? What is Serum? What is lotion? When do I put what? And what about masks??? Sheet masks? Sleep masks???

So, after some time and sniffing around the net abit, I kinda figured out what is what....and what works best. The skin regime below is more suitable for those ages 25 and above. I used FANCL before my trip to Seoul.

Here we go....
Day Korean Skincare regime

Step 1 - Cleanser
I am not too particular about this step, but you can use a gentle cleansing wash or washing powder (FANCL) for this step. Feel free to use a scrub once a week to get rid of dead skin cells.

Step 2- Toner. (Some brands call it can distinguish by texture!)
This is the clear and light lotion that helps to prep your face before putting the stuff on.

Step 3 - Serum or Emulsion 
If you have very oily skin or you are in your teens or early 20s, you may choose to skip this step. But come on, after 25, you need this! The texture is thicker than your toner, but a little bit lighter than your moisturiser and usually contains ingredients that helps in anti-ageing.

Step 4 - Eye cream
Dab a small around around your eye area.

Step 5 - Moisturiser
Usually in a creamy form. Some Korean brands call this lotion as well....But you can tell what it is by the creamy texture. No matter how oily you think your skin is, you need moisturiser in your life!

Step 6 - BB Cream
Helps to even out your skin tone and find one with SPF protection!!! SPF is your best friend!!

Night Korean Skincare regime

Follow Step 1 (cleanser) and 2 (toner)

Step 3 - Sheet mask
Place the sheet mask over your face for 15-20 mins and then remove.

Step 4 - Serum or Emulsion

Step 5 - Eye cream

Step 6 - Moisturiser

Step 7 - Sleep Mask (Some brands also call it massage gel)
This is a gel-like type of moisturiser which feels light on the skin. Apply it generously over your face and neck before sleep. You can wash it off the next morning!

So there you have it. It may seem like a lot of stuff to put on your face, but really, once you get the hang of it, it's easy and your skin will thank you for it!!!

Personal thoughts on Korean skincare brands. I am quite a big fan of Innisfree facial products and BB cream. However Nature Republic had a massive sale when I was there and I find the skin products to be very good too! For Etude House, I'm not a big fan of their skincare range, but I like their cosmetics. Tony Moly is great for gel eyeliner!

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