Thursday, April 18, 2013

Meeting A-Prince in Seoul

So during my recent Seoul trip, I had the chance to meet up with new rookie K-pop group A-Prince! They just debuted end-2012 and their concept is more veered towards the cute pop side (although this may be subjected to change as the years go). I met them at a nice cafe in Seoul for an interview for Teens Magazine (May Issue, Out now!).

Firstly, I have to say rookies have this fresh charm to them that makes them really lovable  You can see the stars in their eyes that make them endearing. The interview went by well. The leader Sung Won, is the "visual" of the group and is very confident and frank in his answers. When asked which member he would date, he chose "myself, because I'm a funny guy!". Woo Bin is the youngest (maknae) of the group and together with Si Yoon, both of them are cuddly cute. Min Hyuk is the "sexy" one and bears a resemblance to Min Woo of Shinhwa. Seung Jun is the "smile prince". He is the best at English and is a really nice person.

Anyhow, you can catch them in Singapore on May 18! Details of their fanmeet can be found here . I will include one more pic of them once I get my other camera. In the meantime, here's me with A-Prince and I passed them a copy of Pop Rock Love. ^^v. Support these sweet and talented guys!

(from left: Won Bin, Si Yoon, me, Seung Jun, Sung Won, Min Hyuk)

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