Friday, April 19, 2013

New product on Korean skincare market...CC Cream!

Usually, whenever I go to Seoul, I end up lugging back loads of Korean beauty products. And what I love about Korean beauty stores is that they give you tons of samples! Anyway on my last trip there, I received a beauty sample from Tony Moly titled "CC Cream"...I was rather intrigued to what it was so I went to do so research.

Basically, CC Cream (Colour Control Cream) is a lighter version of BB Cream and offers more skincare benefits than BB Cream (like moisturising effects). It's also known as a 거짓말 Koh Jid Mal (Lies) Cream because you can put it on and bluff your boyfriend you have no make-up on, and he would believe you.

I tried the sample and found it to be very light. It does offer less coverage than your BB Cream and can be used on days when you just don't need to wear much make-up. It does feel better on skin, due to the skincare elements too.



  1. This is the first i've heard about CC cream so i'm really intrigued!

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