Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Random new K-pop Biases post

It's amazing how the rookies of 2012, whom I totally didn't care about last year are making me sit up and notice them in 2013. Anyway, we all know every year we see a huge influx of new K-pop boybands and 2012 was no different. So basically I have narrowed down the list to two groups I have been noticing lately and just highlighting my particular bias from each group...

VIXX - Ken

I love this boy, a lot. He is so cute, but basically because he really reminds me of Ohno from ARASHI...Similarities - His voice is like an angel's, he can draw really well and he is just weird and funny. When he wears glasses, it's like BAM.

C-Clown - Kang Jun

Now C-Clown is a very new group I have discovered lately. I saw their Shaking Heart live on Music Bank and was drawn by how good looking their members were. The first one I noticed was the very sexy ROME, however, I am kinda more attracted to Kang Jun as I see him more. Kang Jun is kinda silly and his face looks better the more you look at him...I'm still new to C-Clown so my bias list is still subject to change.

Generally, I tend to like the funny members and I have a soft spot for leaders like BtoB Eunkwang and BAP's Yong guk. I also like the not-so-shy members too. Anyway, this is just a random post. 

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