Sunday, April 28, 2013

Cute kfashion bags from

When it comes to bags, most of my girl friends usually veer towards two extremes – either they want a super big bag where you can dump everything in, or they want a cute tiny bag which only holds the bare essentials.

Recently I received the smartphone bag from ( and it's just so adorable! The bag comes with a gold butterfly design in front. There are also two different sized straps, so you can use this as a shoulder bag, or a crossbody bag. Or you can even just abandon the bags and use it as a clutch.

(photo credit: Yang,

It comes in four different colours (white, black, aqua, orange) and features lambskin leather and Swarovski crystals. There's also a secret window at the back, so you can check messages and calls without taking your phone out. 

Out of all the colours, I liked the white and aqua one. The white one is really versatile and has a luxurious feel to it. It's both classy yet fun. You can wear it when you are meeting your friends for coffee or when you wanna have some drinks at night. When you are going to a club, you just don't want to lug so many things along. This bag is perfect for a fun night out!

I'm generally impartial to blue which is why I liked the aqua one. It immediately lights up any outfit and gives off a fresh and cool look. I think I will use it when I go to a K-pop concert. The bag is able to fit your smartphone, a cardholder, some cash and don't forget your concert tickets. And you can just run around the moshpit without having a heavy load on your shoulders.

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