Sunday, July 21, 2013


So I ended up going to SKULL & HAHA Showcase at ZOUK just now. Thanks LEAP Integrated Marketing Solutions, for giving me a ticket! If you know me, you'll know I love Korean variety shows more than Kpop and I pretty much loved HAHA since the XMAN days. For those who don't know, before HAHA was a comedian, he was actually in a boyband (well boy duo) music and dance has always been his passion. Although his real music passion lies in Reggae and he loves loves loves Bob Marley. It's great he formed a duo with SKULL because both of them have got great chemistry and SKULL is actually really hot. Anyway the showcase was held in ZOUK and had a great livehouse feel to it. Skull & Haha are great at hyping up the crowd and they gave a super hot performance. I really happy to hear Haha's rendition of Park Myung Su's "Fool to Fool" which he did in the I Am A Singer episode for Infinity Challenge. Busan Vacance was a great and fun song, and the crowd was jumping and dancing to all the tracks. Awesome awesome show! Too bad it's too short, as the pair had to leave for the Sheng Siong Show. Oh well, looking forward to seeing HAHA again when Running Man cast comes along for their fanmeet~~ ^^

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