Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Birthday Post!!!! Deranged Artist Shoot

So it was my birthday last Saturday~ And instead of leaving the country like I always do, I decided to stay put and do a birthday photoshoot! Woooo~ I decided to find a hotel room with one of those antique bathtubs and do a Deranged Artist photoshoot. Managed to engage the wonderful and talented Yang to do my make-up and photography.

Basically, it's about the creative process of a writer...how you have to dwell deep into that well of despair...some writers never come out of the darkness.

For those interested, besides the shoot, it was a eat-sleep-eat-sleep celebration for me. Hanged out with girlfriends and family!

Here's a BTS video...

Here are the shots! More under the cut!

If the point of life is death, we would all die young. 

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