Saturday, August 10, 2013

BAP Live On Earth in Singapore

Was really looking forward to this one. I noticed BAP when I was in Seoul last August and was attending some music broadcast shows and I was amazed by the army-like fans this rookie boy band had. They were promoting "No Mercy" then and really liked the fierce-ness and energy they had. So since then, I always liked their performances...then after that I really liked "One Shot" and Yongguk's rapping.

Back to the Singapore concert~ The front video was talking about the Mato Planet...and it was quite LOL. I loved how they entered the stage though...The back screen split open and the boys entered via a puff of smoke. It seems the army-like fans the guys have in Korea also transcended to Singapore too. Really strong fanbase here, and yes, they are very noisy, which I guess is a good thing.

Highlights for me is when they performed "No Mercy", really dynamic performance! "One Shot" was abit of a lazy version...the push-ups were not fully stretched, nor was the dropping down part...Because I'm not really a fan fan of them, the concert also introduced me to their other tracks like "Coma" and "Power"...I think each member really brings something fresh to the group and together they really form a powerful force. Anyway, you also see BAP's cute side in their concert...I think Bang Yongguk is really cute and funny (I think his gwiyomi was better than Zelo's!), despite his low raspy rapping voice...

Here are some pics~! I personally love the in-the-air ones.

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