Thursday, August 8, 2013

BAP in Singapore Press Conference

Was at the BAP Open Press Conference yesterday. I want to say how it's really a bad idea to hold an open press con for a group like BAP...It's understandable that their fans are really scream-y...and well, although that would be great for a fanmeeting/'s not favourable for the press who need to actually listen to the answers and questions directed to the group! Honestly, I couldn't hear a damn thing.

Anyway...the boys all looked really tired, having arrived earlier in the day...Daehyun was really smiley throughout and had really good fanservice. Generally, I like members who are smiley (oh my leeteuk...I miss you so...) so Daehyun has become my bias in BAP. Plus he is cute and has a wonderful voice.

Here are some pics...looking forward to the concert this evening!! BOOM CLAP BOOM BOOM CLAP!

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