Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Banilla it Radiant CC Cream & Melting Pact

So I've never really jumped on the CC Cream bandwagon, despite raves by Korean actresses and the like....probably because I still have lotsa unused BB Creams leftover. Anyway, I decided to try Banilla's version...well because Jessica is the spokesperson. haha. 

I got two types. The CC Cream and the compact. The CC Cream has some whitening effects and moisturising effects. It also comes with SPF 30. The moment the cream touches my face, it gets absorbed quickly. My face is mildly dry. So I need two pumps to cover my full face. Your face does feel like it has put on cream moisturizer after application. I guess CC Cream's charm lies in the fact that you don't look like you put on any make-up. You just look like you got good skin. It really depends on what you are doing that day, it may or may not be sufficient on its own. Also, I think CC Cream is more ideal for girls with good skin, otherwise, you need lots of concealer which may defeat the Cream's purpose. 

The compact pact does provide more coverage than the cream...and is a good follow-up after applying the cream. 

Overall verdict: After applying it for about three days, I do see an improvement in my own skin. I think CC Cream is good for days when you want a natural look. BB Cream provides more coverage. CC Cream is good for your skin. 

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