Sunday, December 1, 2013

LEESSANG in Singapore. 1st Asia Showcase

Been a huge fan of Leessang's music for some time now and so glad they decided to perform in Singapore for their 1st Asia Showcase!

Anyway forget about the shabby personas you see on Running Man and Infinity Challenge, when Gary and Gil are on stage performing, they have overwhelming charisma....and You know I never call Gary hot...but he was really hot that night! Rapping!!! But I have to say the mics are not very good quality so they were not able to capture both voices very well. To be honest....I think the Running Man fandom in Singapore is the most hardcore/sporting/die-hard of all the K-pop (?) fandoms yeah the crowd was awesome! But but....the showcase was really too's like foreplay without the action. hahahaha....I think the whole showcase was only like 1hr 10 mins....and initially on Sistic it said 2hrs....too short.

I kinda like their old hits like Ballerino and Rush~~I love the MANNA song too. Here are some pic, sorry Gil, I love your voice, but Gae-ri was too hot.

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