Saturday, May 10, 2014

Some writing

He started to light a cigereatte and took a smoke. Aren't you lonely? He asked me in Japanese. Now the plot twist here is that he wasn't Japanese. He was a Vietnamese man and I was in a hotel room in Hanoi and Japanese was the language we could converse in. 

Now, I don't get lonely. But what disgusted me was that he was equating sex with the cure for loneliness.  Does that mean all the rapists are  just lonesome individuals looking for love? I roll my eyes at the implication. 

Or maybe he thought I was one of those girl who equated sex with love. 

Anyway the point is, I had no intention of sleeping  with such a non-sexy man. He wasn't that bad, but not that great either. If you asked me how he looked, I can't tell you, because I had since then, tried my hardest to erase his face from my memory. 

Now obviously he won't take no for an answer. I mean, since he was alone with me in a hotel room in the middle of nowhere. The next thing that happened only happens in bad movies. The whole room blacked out. He continued smoking in the darkness. I was more than an arm's length away from him and I could see the orange stub lit in the darkness. I was glad he was some distance away from me. Ten minutes later, the lights went on. 

He attempted to seduce me by showing me his dick. Now honestly, do girls get turned on on seeing an exposed dick? Because human genitals are not exactly pretty. The lights went off again and he pounced on me. Luckily he was on the skinny side, So at least I could struggle a bit and jab him using my bony albows. The lights then went on, and he got up and left the room. It was a miracle nothing serious happened but it was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me.

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