Friday, September 19, 2014

Currently my favourite boy. Lee Cheol Woo 이철우 KNTM

He's one of the contestants of Korea's Next Top Model , Cycle 5, which is the best Korean Variety Show right now! Before he was a contestant, he already was a flawless model at top model agency, Esteem. I even followed him on Insta, even before I watched him on KNTM. 

Anyway ... some fangirling coming up....Besides his beautiful face, he has such a great personality! He is so constructive when it comes to talking about the other contestants. He shares his knowledge with them, he is always positive about other people and you never hear him talk bad about others.  The only thing was, he had some gay phobia while shooting the music video, but after overcoming it, he become more cool and broad-minded about the whole thing. I still can't get over how he tries to make Jonghoon feel better by holding his hand and asking him to pair up together. And no one else in the house seem to have a kind word to say about Jonghoon....poor Jonghoon. Don't worry! If you have Cheolwoo's love, you have the whole world! 

More gushing...Even though he is considered an experienced model, you can see how he just tries everything with a fresh outlook and does his best. I even find it adorable at how he is scared of bugs! Don't worry, Noona will be more than happy to catch all the bugs for you!'s are some pretty pics....obviously not taken by me.  

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