Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Personal Post - Death of an era - Ok, I'm dramatizing it.

So...this has happened about a month back, but I guess I can only say it now. Teens Magazine has shut down and its August Issue was the last issue. I have been freelancing with them for a looong time, about 6 years? I saw the rise of K-pop and the influx of the K-pop acts...

To be honest, I didn't write for them for money...there wasn't much to begin was more of a hobby and a love for writing. I remember I was in a cab a few months ago, on the way to an interview. I was really tired but I remembered thinking....even when I got to a point when I was famous with my book writing, I would still want to work with them. It dawned on me how much I actually liked the job.

Thanks to Teens, I managed to see K-pop, J-pop, C-pop stars, attend their concerts, press conferences, interviews, even managed to sneak in an overseas trip. Also able to take beautiful pics. Even though I didn't think much about the writing, my writing also improved over time and I also managed to meet some wonderful people who became my friends later on.

I guess I will miss going for press cons, concerts, seeing beautiful people....but I guess it's time to focus more on my own book writing. Life and writing will go on~~~~!

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