Monday, January 2, 2017


So this blog has been sort of semi-abandoned. But I still like to blog, and it's always a good way to record and remember stuff. 2017 is now upon us. And it's that time to look back to how the past year has been. To be honest, I didn't realise how obsessed/consumed I have been with my baby boygroup, until I see the Instagram #2016BestNine and realise...that yes, these 13 boys have really brought alot of joy to my life in 2016....and initially, I was going to be cool about them, like, just not get emotionally involved...just take pretty pictures of them and be entertained by them....but whenever I tell myself not to get emotionally involved....I end up getting there...I have been thrown off the cliff, but it's been fun so far and the madness will continue in 2017. Let's just roll with it.

So there are pretty pictures anyways.

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